Tom Baker

Producer, Sound Designer, Student


Here is where you can find out what I'm doing in radio. That includes articles I've written for radio magazines, awards I've won, cool production pieces I'm working on and even just my opinion on the state of radio and where I think it's going.

I'm going to Minneapolis!

A few weeks ago, I was just getting back to my dorm room at Lincoln College after an all-night production session (on a Tuesday into Wednesday). I forgot where I saw it but I found out about a contest sponsored by the NextRadio App and College Broadcasters inc. NextRadio was looking for the best 60 second spot about the NextRadio App. Whoever made the best spot would have it included in NextRadio's nationwide awareness ad campaign, that definitely caught my attention. The prize also included an all-expenses-paid trip to Minneapolis for the National Student Electronic Media Convention (NSEMC for short). After I heard this, I knew I had to make a spot. If I didn't I would be playing "what if" until another contest came around. I quickly started working on my submission and after about a week; the Data Pigs were born. I didn't believe when I got the call, it was honestly a dream come true. I'll link my winning submission below.

It's Drury season!

It's been a while since I've written on here and I'm going to have to make it a priority to do use this site more often. Anyway, since the last time I've posted on here a lot has happened. I found out I got 6 nominations at the John Drury High School Radio Awards and hopefully some of those nominations will be winners! This was a big deal to me because it's the first time I've been nominated at the Drury's and at my former high school's station we always put a ton of importance on these awards.

Rap Magazine

I had the incredible opportunity to write an editorial piece for the great guys over at Radio and Production Magazine. The piece is on the importance and value of high school radio which I believe is a fantastic way to casually get into radio. I put the article below but if you liked it you should definitely subscribe to the magazine for more from them.  

My Interview With Benztown

Over the fall, I did an interview with Benztown Branding shortly after my old high school's station WLTL LaGrange decided to subscribe to their production service which is incredible and I use on almost every piece of production I make. Check it out in the link below by clicking on the Benztown logo and stay tuned 20 years from now for my follow up interview so I can finally give them my final tip for newbies.